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Why Choose MIE
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Veterans are who we bow to with appreciation and respect. We aim to help those – who have served our country – to buy their dream house or to save money via a refinance. MIE Financial and all our mortgage consultants,  do our best to find the most suitable solution for each case separately at a fast pace.


Unlike other VA loan lenders, we average a 14-day close for our clients, we never ghost nor stop communicating, and we use the latest technologies to receive, send, and process documents. We make the VA loan process smooth and hassle-free while reducing rates to more than competitive levels, as that is what our veterans deserve!

Victor Shkolnikov

VA Loan Rates

15-Year Fixed
VA Purchase Loan

  • Interest 2.25%
  • Point0.000
  • APR* 2.495%

Assuming the purchase of a property at an estimated value of $300,000 and a downpayment of 10%, the total purchase loan amount with 0.000 points will equal $357,660. In this example, the monthly payment would reach $1,987. Usually, our clients rejoice at values that are lower than local rent, and we are thrilled to help them become homeowners. Please note, that the total loan amount and monthly payments depend on the location of the property, homeowners insurance, and local property and other taxes. Therefore, your rates may differ. Request a quick and accurate estimation, and let’s get you a home!

30-Year Fixed
VA Purchase Loan

  • Interest 2.25%
  • Point0.000
  • APR* 2.495%

In case you want to buy a property at an estimated value of $300,000 making a down payment of 10%, the loan amount with 0.000 points will result in a monthly payment of $1,250. Generally, we delight our clients with rates lower than local rent, and their happiness inspires us to further help Veterans become homeowners. Please consider, that the total loan amount and monthly payments vary depending on the property location, homeowners insurance rate, and local property and other taxes. Your Loan Officer will help you determine all applicable rates in your area. Request a personalized quote, and let’s get you a home!

MIE Financial VA Loan Features

VA Loan Benefits

  • Zero down payment
  • Lowest interest rate
  • No monthly PMI
  • Closing costs on seller
  • Funding Fee waiver
  • 14-day average close cycle
  • 10-day closing cycle on IRRRLs


  • Active-duty service members
  • US Military Veterans
  • Surviving spouses
  • National Guardsmen or reservists
  • Academy cadets or midshipmen
  • NOAA officers
  • USPHS officers

VA Loan Refinance

  • Lower interest rate
  • Smaller monthly payment
  • Minimal closing costs
  • 10-day closing cycle on IRRRLs
  • No bank statements required
  • No job verification
  • No W2s required

VA Loan Process

  • Options research
  • Prequalification
  • House picking
  • Processing
  • Average 14-day close cycle
  • Approval
  • Closure of the deal

VA Loan Rates

  • No down payment required
  • Competitive interest rate 2.25%
  • Funding Fee waiver
  • 0.000 Points
  • No private mortgage insurance
  • No hidden fees
  • 15- and 30-Year Fixed Purchase Loan

Payment Calculator

  • Online quote
  • Hassle-free eligibility check
  • Basic data fill-in
  • Detailed quote
  • No guesswork
  • Clear view on monthly payments

See what Veterans we’ve already helped have to say

Evelyn Rivera

Victor Shkolnikov and his team were able to be very clear and informative. The whole process of buying my first property went smooth without surprises. They use the latest technologies to upload and sign documents, saving you time and be the most efficient. I got the Best Rates, highly recommend them for anyone interested in buying.

Robert Fox

My family and I totally lucked out by reaching out to MIE Financials. They helped us find our dream home while also considering our budget and possibilities. Not only did they answer all our questions and requirements along the way, but also went on looking until they did find the perfect match. Thank you guys a lot!

Johnson Hodges

I had no credit history whatsoever for the past 5 years or so which was bad for purchases requiring credit checks and resulted in quite a few lenders turning me down. After days of searching for a solution I found MIE Financial and wrote them without getting my hopes high. I should report that I’ve had no regrets since that day. These folks are easy to work with and Victor is the amazing knowledgeable and dedicated lender broker who assured a less stressful home buying process. This was a more enjoyable experience than I could imagine. I am now a happy new homeowner and my mortgage costs me less than rent would, something I am endlessly grateful for. Thanks and best of luck to your team.

Make Your Dream House a Reality

Wait no more and make the first step towards becoming a homeowner. We at MIE Financial are here to help and educate Veterans about the opportunities VA Loan offers, and we will guide you through every step. It is time to go HOME!

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